Why Choose DoGoodFilms?

DoGoodFilms is a production company that caters specifically to the needs of the non-profit community: charities, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks and community groups. With 15 years experience in the film and creative industry, we have the know-how to deliver high quality films to help you reach your audience in the most effective ways.

What makes us different?


Our campaigning and charitable background puts us in a unique position to provide well informed, thoroughly researched and intelligent solutions. Unlike other production companies who occasionally venture into the charity filmmaking, we are a company that makes filmmaking with a difference our core mission. DoGoodFilms brings you a globally acclaimed creative team to help you make the most impact.

We work with our clients every step of the way from conception to delivery allowing you to control the production from brief, brainstorming creative solutions, storyboarding and scriptwriting through production to editing and postproduction.

We understand new media and trends…


While many of our clients budgets allow for broadcast airtime, an ever growing number of charities have become true masters in using the internet and new media to disseminate information and reach their audiences. We’re adaptable and therefore able to produce products are broadcast quality as well as provide formats for various platforms from cinema to youtube.

Find out more about Ivo and Kai, DoGoodFilms Services, or CONTACT US!

Phone: +44(0) 783 778 8646

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