“Life in Kakuma Refugee Camp without any Hope is very hard…” – Suad’s Story

With the odds stacked up against her in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwest Kenya, Suad tells a story full of inspiration, hope and how access to technology through UNHRC‘s Community Technology Access (CTA) programme opened up opportunities.

Now I go to university in USA…  We communicate with our professors direct without going to America, through this internet…

At DoGoodFilms we thrive in telling human interest stories. A human interest story puts people at the heart of the cause, sharing their ‘lived experience’ directly with the audience. Our expertise in filmmaking and experience as humanitarians allows us share authentic stories visually, create impact and tap into the viewer’s inherent curiosity in the lives of others.

Maybe I can be the first female President in Somalia and I can bring peace” – Suad

UNHCR: Suad's story1

UNHCR: Suad's story 3

Production techniques of this film include:

  • Time lapse
  • Filmed on location (Kakuma refugee camp)
  • Human interest story
  • Interview
  • Directing
  • Voice-over artist
  • Script for voice-over

Produced as a part in a series of short films documenting UNHCR’s CTA programme. CLICK HERE to view more videos and blog posts from this series.

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