UNHCR’s CTA Programme “Technology will help Kakuma to be self-sustainable”

Technology opens up a world of opportunity to people in developing countries, particularly those within marginalised communities, offering opportunities to access information, education, enterprise skills and employability. The  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s Community Technology Access (CTA) programme in Kakuma refugee camp was implemented to enhance education and livelihood opportunities for displaced populations through access to information and communication technologies.


“Technology will help Kakuma to be self-sustainable” – Charles Saleh

Charles Saleh, UNHCR’s Associate Programme officer at Karkuma Refugee Camp shared insight into how UNHCR’s CTA offers appropriate technology and it’s impact for users.

“Technology brings the world together. The refugees also are jumping onto that wagon to express themselves” – Charles


Life is not easy in Kakuma Refugee Camp located in Turkana District of the northwestern region of Kenya. The camp serves refugees who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries due to war or persecution. UNHCR and its partners Micosoft, HP, and Flexcell are helping to turn the tide through technology. The UNHCR CTA programme provides access to computers, computer literacy, and connectivity, to UNHCR’s persons of concern. These include refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), hosting communities, and returning refugees or IDPs.


The programme’s objectives are to expand access to learning opportunities, increased capacity for creating local solutions and employment and successful management of an ongoing cycle of measurement and integration of lessons learned.

Kudos to UNHCR!

Production values of this film include:

  • Filmed on location (Kakuma refugee camp)
  • Human interest story
  • Interview
  • Directing
  • Voice-over artist
  • Script for voice-over

Produced by DoGoodFilms as a part in a series of short films documenting UNHCR’s CTA programmeCLICK HERE to view more videos and blog posts from this series.

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