DoGoodFilms vlog: It’s a wrap with NetHope!

We’ve wrapped up a week filming for NetHope documenting the projects they support and learning how providing connectivity helps empower South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda…Here’s a vlog with DoGoodFilms director Ivo Belohoubek sharing his experience behind the camera for a NetHope assignment “Opening a World of Connectivity for Refugees in Northern Uganda”

Refugees from South Sudan have been fleeing into Northern Uganda due to civil war and political turmoil. Millions of them have found safety in West Nile province, home to a number of refugee settlements. NetHope’s mission is to support its partner NGOs and members responding to this crisis as well as the refugee communities themselves with internet connectivity.

Here’s our behind the scenes vlog with NetHope…

[Filmed and edited by Kai Lutterodt for DoGoodFilms social media purposes only using iPhone 7, Sony SF700 and Mavic Pro drone. Subscribe and follow us for more films and vlogs CLICK HERE! ]

Connectivity empowers refugees, allowing them access to information, mobile money and vital skills and education and brings in a much desired semblance of normality into their difficult lives.
Kudos to NetHope! We’re honestly inspired by their amazing work  #ConnectivityMatters!

Look out for our films commissioned by NetHope highlighting the amazing work they do providing connectivity in Northern Ugandan refugee camps. We’ll also be sharing some blog posts on the NetHope blog in time for World Refugee Day which is on the 20th June.

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