Ellen MacArthur Foundation is world’s premier source of information about circular economy and it’s potential to combat climate change, and redesign our economies. For COP 27 happening in Egypt in November 2022 they wanted a story about how redesigning our supply chains in food has a potential to scale up our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When we looked around at the flows of agricultural crops across the globe, rice stood out immediatelly. 20% of calories consumed globally come from rice, 1/3 of rain water on this planet ends up on rice fields and 2% of global greenhouse gases come from methane that flooded rice fields produce – that is the equivalent of global aviation. But what caught our attention is the quiet revolution going on in rice cultivation that has the potential to reduce water by 50% use and greenhouse gas emissions by 40%… and it doesn’t require any major investment. It is called System of Rice Intensification and if you want to find out more, watch our film!

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