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Welcome to DoGoodFilms: Filmmaking with a difference.

You have a story to tell, we will help you tell that story to those who need to hear it.

We produce professional, creative and affordable videos for those in the non-profit sector and socially progressive businesses.

We believe in filmmaking that shakes us out of complacency and lethargy into social and political action.

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Phone: +44(0) 783 778 8646

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About DoGoodFilms

DOGOODFILMS is a production company that helps you make an impact in the world. Whether you are an NGO, humanitarian organization, a company that is making a difference in the world, we can help you tell your story. We have been telling stories about those making a difference for 15 years. The next story could be yours!


DGF icon2Our campaigning and charitable background puts us in a unique position to provide well informed, thoroughly researched and intelligent solutions. Unlike other production companies who occasionally venture into the charity filmmaking, we are a company that makes filmmaking with a difference our core mission.


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Our world is oversaturated with information and messages. Thinking inside the box is not going to make you stand out. DoGoodFilms brings you a globally acclaimed creative team to help you make the most impact.


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We work with our clients every step of the way from conception to delivery allowing you to control the production from brief, brainstorming creative solutions, storyboarding and scriptwriting through production to editing and postproduction.


DGF icon1Here at DoGoodFilms we understand that your resources are limited and you want to dedicate as much of it as possible to your cause. While not compromising on quality, we produce affordable and highly professional products that won’t break the bank.


DGF icon6We understand the world of old and new media. While many of our clients budgets allow for broadcast airtime, an ever growing number of charities have become true masters in using the internet and new media to disseminate information and reach their audiences. While all our products are broadcast quality, we also provide formats for various platforms from cinema to youtube. Social media content marketing and blogging are additions to our services.

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Phone: +44(0) 783 778 8646


At Dogoodfilms we start with an initial meeting where you define your needs, your budget and desirable outcomes. We will then present you with various options that fit your brief. After you decide which options suits best your needs, we will script and storyboard the creative and prepare a production plan.
You decide what degree of control you want to have. Throughout all the stages of the production process we will keep in constant dialogue to make sure you get the best result you want.


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Whether it is a documentary about a cause you are passionate about, a presentation for funders or a call to action or an educational video, we can help you design and execute an impactful, professional and affordable video materials. We deliver full high definition video as standard with a range of options for various media platforms: online, broadcast and even cinema.


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We specialise in:

  • Filmmaking
  • Documentary and branded content
  • Animation film
  • Disaster and emergency content gathering
  • Training videos
  • Photography
  • Social media content strategy


DGF icon10Producing a film is an expensive process. We can help you save travel costs and emissions by sharing a part of the production cost with others on our frequent production trips to developing countries. For the upcoming trips please go to our news page.


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We will help you to organise, narrate and edit your existing video and audio material and make it suitable to your presentation needs including online, TV and DVD.


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With years of experience, we believe we have a few tricks in our sleeve. We will help you design creative strategies and integrate your videos into you wider communications strategy. We can even help you access broadcasters with your advertisements at low costs.


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Perhaps you can’t afford a filmmaker to accompany you on your next trip to the field but you still want to capture images and clips for your website and a conference presentation?

We will custom make you a HALF DAY, 1-DAY or 2-DAY course in media production that will prepare you for your trip. We will help you choose the right equipment and familiarise yourself with it. You will receive important tips how to shoot and capture high quality video and audio and help you and your team with all the editing you need to turn the footage into a film.


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Proven track record for bringing content from places such as South Sudan and Nepal in emergencies.


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Any good site needs to be found. We can put together marketing campaigns to get you lots of new audiences, and attract leads through search engine optimization.


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Phone: +44(0) 783 778 8646

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