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I am an award winning director with 15 years of experience in broadcast and production. I started DoGoodFilms because I believe in filmmaking with a mission: A mission to help those who campaign for social and environmental justice and dedicate their lives to helping others.

I was born during the dark ages of the communist rule and saw first-hand the injustice it inflicted upon my family and my country. When the iron curtain collapsed in 1989, I witnessed the passion people had for freedom and justice. My generation was brought up in communism, energized by a revolution and then confused by globalization. I believe it is a gift that I have turned it into a passion. I campaigned against arms trade and global financial institutions, against the so called Washington Consensus, against poverty and climate change and for debt relief. I wrote articles for environmental magazines and promoted dialogue between global adversaries for the Czech President Vaclav Havel’s Forum 2000 Foundation.


My passion turned into scholarly research at the University of Arkansas and the Prague Global Policy Institute, where I focused on media and the global civil society. Later, with the Green Party, we attempted to inject new values into our political landscape.

When I learnt the language of film, I realized this was a very powerful tool for social change. I have criss crossed the globe more times than I can count telling stories from remote communities,  natural disasters, humanitarian crises and stood in awe of the amazing work humanitarians are doing. I always look for people whose lives embody the complex problems around them. My mission is not to dwell on the darkness around us but to bring the light that shines in all of us, no matter the odds.


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